Favorite Pair of Jeans

Ever notice how even a stain or hole can't pry you from your favorite pair of jeans?

You go to extreme measures to make amends to any repair needed. A patch, new zipper, or clever laundry revival are no stranger to your list of denim tactics.

When you love something you make exceptions.  You see beauty beyond its imperfections.  You sink into its comfort. You go to the ends of the Earth to salvage what is lost and reconstruct flaws into improvements.

This week's Uplifting Reflection is to love individuals like your favorite pair of jeans.

They make not be perfect, but they're perfect for you.

-Kat Cowley


  1. Oh my, yes. Those indefinable comfies! I have a sweatshirt that my brother got me for Christmas almost 20 years ago that I will never willingly relinquish. It's over-sized, slouchy, gets softer with each washing, and somehow despite the slouchy profile, it makes me look thinner! That's a win-win situation in an item of clothing! But most importantly, it makes me think of my big brother who probably agonized over getting me a sweatshirt for a Christmas gift. It's a precious thing for that reason alone. The comfy factor just adds to the beauty. :)

    - Dawn

  2. That is sweet Dawn! You'd probably resonate with this past post as well: http://www.upliftingreflections.com/2010/02/hand-me-downs.html